Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Food TV Goes Primetime

An article about how the Food Network is trying to go more prime time in their programming got me thinking. As an aspiring foodie and Food Network junkie, not to mention an addict of reality TV, it seems like the network is just a little less than creative about it's offerings. For one, they reuse their "stars" a little too much, in my opinion (and let's face it, they aren't all the poster children of good celebrity - look at Bobby Flay -- yikes). I mean, it's been a great strategy up to now and I think Emeril has brought them to where they are, but with 1) the growing popularity of the network 2) the fact that nearly everyone cooks (at least canned soup) and 3) the majority of their audience is either a predictable audience of housewives or foodies, it seems like there would be plenty of opportunity to capitalize on their advantages.

One no-brainer is using the web to help them find their next food celeb. I mean, with the proliferation of video online and the emergence of blogs and vlogs as serious media, couldn't they use that platform to do multiple Project Greenlight - like projects? I could probably spend 15 minutes thinking of 20 other ideas, but I have a lot of articles to read at the moment. Maybe I'm just being naive, but that's what I do, criticize -- but with good intentions. :)


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