Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Self-Fulfilling Termination?

Reading the L.A. Times article this morning about more services moving to the web gave me chills a little bit. I mean, you saw The Terminator, right? Remember the premise? That the "machines" (read "computers"), with all the artificial intelligence research getting more and more sophisticated, finally achieved self-awareness and took over the world? It was a plausible story because right before that happened, all the world's information was digital and centralized (e.g. on the Internet).

Yes, boys and girls. This could happen. Sure, maybe not in our lifetime, but hey, maybe your kid or your kid's kid will have to travel back in time to protect you from the robots that are here to kill you. Ok, now that I say it like that, maybe it isn't so plausible. BUT, the thought still does haunt me.

Or how about they become self-aware, then they take over the world and power themselves on solar power, then we make the sky all cloudy, then they use our body heat as power and create an alternate reality for us to live in. Then there's this guy called Neo...

(<-- Neo, before becoming "the one")


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