Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Greatest Sponsorship Ever?

MCDONALD'S All American. What kind of All American? He's a MCDONALD'S All American. After all, if you're the best of the best in high school basketball you have to be a MCDONALD'S All American.

I just finished watching some great basketball during March Madness. After hearing "McDonald's All American" mentioned as THE qualification of why so-and-so is supposed to be great, or why so-and-so will change the fortune of this team or that, and hearing it about 15 million times in the course of watching the games, I came to the conclusion that McDonald's may have the greatest sponsorship ever. They will never EVER give this up. After all, they alone hold the name of the pinnacle of high school basketball. It's what you want to be if you're a high school basketball player. You don't just want to be an All American, you want to be a MCDONALD'S All American. Because McDonald's IS All American. McDonald's IS the best. McDonald's IS your favorite food, high schooler. Yes, yes, now you have it. Go get a Big Mac right now... and don't forget the fries, you need carbs to play your best. Good boy.

Nike can't do that, can they?


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