Friday, April 07, 2006

Katie Holmes' Baby NOT Tom Cruise's?

(Image above from Defamer)

Ok, so this has absolutely nothing to do with what this site is about AND I'm not the Hollywood gossip type, but I do love a good conspiracy theory!

According to a "Hollywood insider" on the Kevin & Bean show on KROQ radio in Los Angeles this morning, there is a strong theory that Katie Holmes was ALREADY PREGNANT with someone else's baby when Tom and her met! Not only that, but that means that the BABY IS ALREADY BORN! The insider's theory was that it's Chris Kline's baby and she was pregnant, then he dumped her and she was in trouble. Tom Cruise hatched a plan to help her, help her career and help HIS movies (War of the Worlds, MI3) by marrying and raising the baby as his own.

Kind of makes sense, doesn't it? So the insider said that by this logic, Katie already had the baby and has to wear a prosthetic baby on her body. There are apparently a lot of people that have examined all the photos of her and the "baby" and have seen her throughout the process and they don't match up with reality.

So why not just wait in hiding? MI3 is almost out and they need to continue the buzz, the insider said.

Interesting theory, no? What do you guys think? Examine the photos yourself and let me know what you think. This could be your big story that launches your blog into Drudge Report status! Just give me a couple bucks when that happens. :) I know there are other theories out there, many of which I have no idea about because like I said, I'm not a Hollywood gossip type, so if there are any others you can tell me about, let me know.

Ok, gossip column is now over. Back to real work.


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