Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chevy Tahoe, Like A Crock

I'm a big proponent of user-generated content these days. I mean, I would be stupid not to be with MySpace, Facebook, blogs, etc. being all the rage these days.

But in a recent article, we find out the ugly side of this movement. Well, ugly is a little strong. Funny is more like it. A bunch of people (or maybe it's a certain Japanese car maker with a new hybrid, vanilla-flavored car out there. Hmmm...) have made ads mocking huge SUVs and their damage to the environment, their huge gas costs, etc.

I actually didn't need the article to tell me that because one such ad was forwarded to me from a colleague. Yes, the mix of user-generated content and the last huge interactive buzzword, "viral." Two great tastes that taste great together combined to give G.M.'s Vice Chairman Bob Lutz nightmares. Funny, I didn't see any damage control in his blog. Maybe he was the one planting them. Clever little monkey. Beat him at his own game and make your own here.

Or, read a more thoughtful "analysis" of this issue by someone w/ obviously more time than I have. ;)


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