Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MySpace Competition Heating Up

In today's Wall Street Journal, there were a few interesting articles about the on-going battle for social-networking supremacy. In one article, the Journal highlights four competitors, TagWorld, Imeem, Tagged and VarsityWorld. It contains their "strategies" for carving out a niche in the social networking space. One emphasizes the drag-and-drop interface, one is downloadable (big mistake), one is aimed at high-schoolers and the last is monitored by humans. Is there room for them in the increasingly crowded area? Well, according to the article, their user bases range from 50,000 to three million. Will they survive and/or thrive? You decide.

BBC Enters Social Networking
In another article (sorry, it's not public), the Journal reports that the BBC has its own plan to "offer a serice on its Web site simlar in some respects to"

Microsoft to Launch Social-Networking Site
Last, Microsoft is entering the fray by launching their own social-networking site, called Wallop. This may be old news to you, since about 200,000 users are currently testing the service within Microsoft.

I'm bored with social-networking. Anyone have any other ideas? :)


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