Tuesday, September 05, 2006

gWorld - Google's image labeler

Google World Domination Watch, #245,235: Google is so tricky. They have a new diabolical psychological device they have unleashed on the public (as reported in Media Post's Search Insider). They call it a "game" to make it sound innocent, but it's an alien mind sucking tool. Don't buy into it.

They are trying to capture and log people's brains for their own gain. Reminds me of the classic Twilight Zone titled, "To Serve Man." Ooooh, sends shivers down my spine everytime I think of it! Don't you miss great shows like the Twilight Zone? Do they still have the marathon on Thanksgiving weekend? Ahh, Thanksgiving turkey. Man, it's already September. Where does the time go?

Uh... oops, sorry, bit of a mental lapse there. So, as I was saying, Google reminds me of those aliens in that Twilight Zone. They are doing all this good for the world and everyone's buying into it. They read about the "benevolent" things that they are doing for their community (e.g. providing free wi-fi), that they provide a service to the world (e.g. search), etc. but really? They are aliens. Their motives will be known soon enough, but by then, it will be too late. We'll all be on their space ships, rocketing off to become someone's feast (hey, ironically, I referenced Thanksgiving turkey above. Neat!). Shouting to the faceless intercom, "What time is it! What time is it! Can't you just tell me what time it is without giving me a lesson in Euclidian Geometry!"

The answer back in the ominous tone of Sergey Brin's voice, "There is no time in space."

Ok, weird post I know. I'm not on drugs (except advil and caffeine), I swear it.


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