Wednesday, June 14, 2006

34% of Boys Don't Want To Be Rich!

Ok, so, the NY Times article was about how Scion is marketing their cars to kids 8- to 15-year olds through an online interactive community, which I think is a great idea. Just like putting smoking advertising at kid's eye-level in the 7-11.

BUT, the big news to me was hidden in one of the statistics. According to research from Packaged Facts, quoted in the article, only 66% of boys age 9 to 11 say they want to be rich! What the...!

Am I crazy or did everyone want to be rich when they were that age? Who didn't want to live like Richie Rich and have the world's largest lollypop or a circus in their backyard? Ok, the short shorts I could do without, but still!

I think it's a crime. Parents, do a better job. Raise your kids to be consumers and respond to marketing. It's how I make a living. ;)


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