Thursday, June 15, 2006

Quick news bites...

Here are a few things that caught my eye this morning in the L.A. Times:

Public libraries are now offering checking out and downloading of digital books online!
Cool. I'm definitely going to "check this out" :) -- all I need to do is dust off my old library card from the 70's. The catch? You can only check it out for about three weeks, then it digitally goes poof.

Netscape going to a Digg Model
It's a big risk for AOL, but it's a good experiment for them. I mean, what do they have to lose, except 11.2 million people in traffic.

Nielsen is going to track TV viewing on the Web
I think this is interesting, but ultimately it's kind of retrofitting a new medium to the old way of thinking. Sure, it's a good thing for the old guard to try to compare apples to apples, but we're talking Granny Smith to Red Delicious. Not exactly the same. Not only that, but we really need to have better ways to measure things...


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