Thursday, April 13, 2006

More Google news: calendar, China

Google Calendar
Google is launching a new calendar program today and I'm excited. Even this means continuation of Google World Domination, it's ok since I benefit... for now. ;) Now maybe I can discontinue using Yahoo Calendar and integrate my email and calendar system again. But, the downside is, as this Washington Post article states, Google will start to track how you spend your time and could also possibly start showing advertisements for movies, for instance, if you make an appointment to go see a movie.

Big bro has changed his name from Microsoft to Google.

Google in China
Talk about WORLD domination. The hoopla about this L.A. Times story is that Google is restricting access to certain types of content (e.g. keyword "Democracy") that the government seems unfit for their people's consumption. I think Google did the right thing by not dictating to a country what they can and can't do right off the bat, but it does bring to mind how powerful Google is that just by disallowing certain terms, they are able to almost black out a whole section of the Internet (in a sense) and, correspondingly, ideas and knowledge. Scaaaaarrrrryyyyy.


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