Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Whoa! McMobile: McDonald's goes mobile!

McDonald's is promoting some of its Oklahoma restaurants with a "Mobile Whoa" campaign, where customers can participate in a mobile scavenger hunt, get a mobile coupon and post photos in a camera phone and Web site picture gallery. The scavenger hunt starts when customers text-message a specific code or register online at a microsite for the promotion. Customers then receive a series of clues via text messages. Besides the coupons for free fries with the purchase of a Big Mac, there's another plus: all customers who submit a photo to the picture gallery will receive a code on their phone to download a free ringtone or wallpaper.

Will it work? Who knows, but seeing as though Mickie D's was one of the first to sign up on IAB's Cross-Media Optimization Studies, I think they are on the right track to getting it right. All this experimentation is sure to pay off somewhere down the line. Heck, if I were a kid in Oklahoma with a mobile phone, I'd definitely play. In fact, I'm jealous I can't play now. :(
Check it out here.


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