Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sprint's Waitless.org

Waitless.org is a really fun site by Sprint which uses video to show users ways to save time. The examples they have are fun, quick and addictive. That’s the good part.

Criticisms are that there really isn’t that much to tie it into the brand and their message (what is the tie-in anyway?) and once a user is done looking at all the time-savers, there’s little more for the user to get involved with. The logic seems to be to roll the time-savers out, but with their cool little concept to start, I think a better idea in today’s online social media landscape would’ve been to open it up to people more – allow them to comment on each shortcut, allow them to submit their own shortcuts for immediate broadcast (instead of submitting them for curating), and allow people to respond through video to the campaign (like YouTube does). Sure, it’s riskier, but given the money that they probably threw at this campaign and this website anyway, isn’t it riskier to leave it as is – a fun experience that you visit once and never come back to?


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