Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HEADLINE: Online Video Continues for 10 years!

Boring. Just read this Google blog post about the "future of online video." It was supposedly a compilation of the thoughts of 10 of Google's top experts.

You know what they come up with? That online video will continue growing and will become the largest communications channel. That there will be more devices to record, edit and upload. That it will become a bigger part of people's lives. Am I missing something? I mean, "top experts" from one of the most forward-thinking Internet behemoths out there and we get predictions of basically "more of the same, but bigger and better."

How boring. I want to hear about new ideas, like "clicking on Jennifer Aniston's sweater to buy it while watching Friends" kind of ideas that were popular 10 years ago during the boom. I want to get excited and inspired, not hit with the blahs.

Well, you know what's really happening. Every one of those exciting ideas are being worked on by a few geeks from MIT in Google's "labs." We'll see it, but only after they figure out how to get little text advertisements right next to the video feed.



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