Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Righty or Lefty?

I recently received an interesting "test" from my friend that I just had to share. It's an animation of a dancer's silhouette doing a turn. What's so great about that? Well, depending on whether you are primarily a left-brained or right-brained thinker, it turns a certain way. That's right, depending on the way you THINK it turns different ways. Try it here.

Some people can't get it to switch directions (I saw it turning clockwise immediately and it took me a little while to see it turning the other way), but if you can, I'm betting that you can't just leave it alone and just need to keep trying to make it switch directions.

Why do I mention it? I just think it's great viral fun. Ok, ok, if I had to pull an interactive "lesson" from this, it's that as the web gets more and more complex, one thing remains consistent, it's that good content, not necessarily the latest bells-and-whistles, always triumphs over mere good execution.


At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not real. If you watch the image long enough, you can see that at various points throughout the clip, the direction of her spinning changes back and forth. It's not your perception that's changing, it's the image.


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