Monday, September 22, 2008

What do you think? Are you a PC?

So the new campaign for Microsoft is finally revealed (at least one ad of it, available here) and at first viewing, I thought it was pretty good. However, upon further reflection, I'm not sure it's exactly what they need to bring them back from cultural oblivion.

After all, Apple has made the Mac cool. It's a cultural phenomenon now, young, hip, stylish, trendy even. Microsoft, as in this article, has become the butt of Apple's jokes. Part of it is because it doesn't really have an identity beyond nerdiness or business.

I understand from a logical view that this campaign is meant to rebut this stereotype a little, but to me it almost confirms it. It's not an emotional campaign as much as a logical one. One that will probably resonate much better with those who currently use PCs, and maybe that's the point. Older people, business people, nerdy people, will all rally around their PC platform and just like the blackberry vs. iphone debate will rationalize all the functional benefits of using a PC, like it works better with Outlook! and it doesn't crash as much when you use Microsoft Office! And, and... well, I'm sure the head strong can come up w/ a few more.

But anyway, it's a fun war we have going on and I'm glad Crispin's in it. Because even if this isn't the campaign that really makes it a battle, at least Microsoft has a team that can possibly bring them back to the playing field.

Btw, I'm a PC, but I'm also an iPhone. Maybe that's why I liked the ad the first time?


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