Friday, September 26, 2008

Online ad industry needs to be more efficient. -- DUH!

I think as this article states, the online ad industry definitely needs to get more efficient. I think all of us in the industry see the inefficiencies but the question is really how to fix it.

When I was at a large agency, we tried a few different ways, like templates, which not only helped make development easier, it made it much more flexible and quick to go live. However, the thing that everyone hated was the lack of creativity. Since our shop was known for its creative solutions, who wanted to put up a template?

I think there's way too much talking about the problem and too little offering real solutions that could help. I look and look to these "experts" to give us some real hints of how to solve the problem and I pretty much always get no real solutions. Just "rules" or things not to do. Sigh...


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